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Adhoc Your Relational Database In Minutes
Taedl is a tool designed for quick Business Intelligence insights.
It is not bloated, it is not a multi-tool and it does not require scripting. It automates most of the report configuration making it the best tool for your quick report prototyping.
done Fast
Taedl is a single page application designed and developed with speed and simplicity being top priorities.
done Smart
Taedl automatically identifies relationships in your database and figures out the best way to join the tables when generating reports.
done Free Tier Available
Give hosted Taedl a go. No registration required.
done Open Source
Request a feature, report an issue or contribute? Find us on GitHub.
Automates a great deal of your report configuration.
done Automates Configuration
Taedl automates domain configuration. It identifies relationships between tables in your database and finds the best way to join them.
done Flexible
So you can still do manual configuration if you want.
Easy to Use
BI application doesn't have to be hard to use. Drag and drop everything instead.
done Taedl Supports
Select, join, group, filter, order...
done Many Ways To Display Your Data
Taedl understands tables, crosstabs and charts.
done Web Based
In the browser, no installation required.
done Supports Touchscreen Devices
Use your desktop, tablet or phone.
Hosted Or On Premises
Use our hosted app or download free full version and run on your own server. Taedl is open source with MIT license.
done Hosted
Use our hosted Taedl app and take advantage of new features and regular updates. There is a free tier to start with and you don't even need to register to try! Get in touch if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.
done Run On Your Own Server
Download & deploy Taedl to your own server. Its easy and configurable and its awesome technology stack makes it a pleasure to work with.
done Contribute
Extended Taedl and feel like others would benefit from having some of your custom features? Create a pull request on GitHub.
done Supported Vendors
We're currently working on increasing our list of supported vendors.
Let us know on GitHub if your favourite database is not in this list yet.
PostgreSQL MS SQL Server MySQL